Thanks to modern implantology a natural smile and a firm bite are now possible. Whether individual teeth or whole rows of teeth: At our practice we use artificial tooth roots to close any gaps. In addition to the natural-looking aesthetics of prostheses and their longevity, modern implants also offer functional advantages. Implants are thus a good basis for fixed and removable dentures and prostheses for defects, e.g., following tumour disease. 

The doctors at our special implantology clinic have the additional certified qualification of "Curriculum Implantologie" from the DGI (German Society for Dental, Oral and Orthodontic Implantology). 

We work exclusively with scientifically recognised implantation systems. Using modern X-ray technology we plan the intervention precisely and, with the help of special surgical procedures, can also build up the jaw bone into which the artificial tooth root will be subsequently inserted. 

How does the treatment work exactly? How long does an implant last? What costs are covered by your health insurance provider? We can answer these and many other questions in a face-to-face consultation.